1. ZADA (Series 1) is released. Immediately ZADA holders will receive Cardano reflections
  2. Those who hold a minimum of 1,000,000,000 ZADA for the 7 day payment cycle will automatically qualify for the LMS
  3. The Last Man Standing Wallet will be paid out every 7 days in one lump sum.
  4. All LMS qualified holders will receive the (Series 2) Airdrop
  5. When the “Series 2” is released “The Chain” is activated.

    * Immediately holders of the series 2 will get 10% reflections in the “Series 2 Reflection”, increasing your portfolio from 2 coins to 4. * The “Series 2” token will unlock the buy back function for ZADA while also burning the supply of ZADA.

The Chain


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  • img symbolThe Development of the ZADA
  •  img symbolMarket Research
  •  img symbolSolidifying the Business Model
  •  img symbolBrand Development
  •  img symbolCreating the Specific Marketing Strategy
  •  img symbolInitial Meetings with High Profile Investors
  •  img symbolSecuring Strategic Partners and Advisors
  •  img symbolInfluencers Recruitment
  •  img symbolStress Test Smart Contract
  •  img symbolExpand Core Team
  •  img symbolV1 of Front End Website
  •  img symbolFirst Round of Listings on CEX - CMS
  •  img symbolCoinsniper
  •  img symbolWhitelist Opens


  •  img symbolPre-launch Marketing Campaign
  •  img symbolVisual Promotions Release
  •  img symbolMulti Lingual Video Presentation
  •  img symbolV1 of Back End Website
  •  img symbolLitepaper
  •  img symbolMulti Platform Visual Marketing
  •  img symbolPresale
  •  img symbolPublic Launch on Pancakeswap v2
  •  img symbolSecond Round of Listing on CEX - CMC, Coingecko
  •  img symbolWhitepaper
  •  img symbolCertik Audit
  •  img symbolCore Team AMA
  •  img symbolFull Influencer Strategy Fulfillment
  •  img symbolSecond Wave of Across Platform Marketing
  •  img symbolFinancial Press Releases
  •  img symbolExpansion of Influencer and Content Creator Base


  •  img symbolOnboard Marketing Firm
  •  img symbolCore Team Expansion
  •  img symbolSite V2
  •  img symbolDashboard Reveal
  •  img symbolImplement New Marketing and Influencer Strategies Scaled to Grow Globally
  • AMA with NFT Developers and Core Team Regarding Pending NFT release
  • Discord Expansion
  • NFT Launch
  • Negotiations with Tier 1 CEX’s
  • The Chain Commences- Buy Back & Burn
  • Release of Series 2 in the HPB
  • Release of Series 3 in the HPB
  • First Live Investors Event in Vegas “ZADA Con”



The ZADA online community welcomes all investors, traders and creatives who believe in the power of ideas and innovation. Through our platform we aim to connect all the brightest minds to the ZADA Universe. Stay connected and protected as we disrupt the crypto space.

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ZADA is a cryptocurrency that upon holding, offers you free Cardano. In addition holders will have an opportunity to receive even more rewards in other coins through the "Last Man Standing Wallet" and the "Series 2 "airdrop giving our investors several ways to earn and build off holding one coin - a first in crypto!
Yes, the presale was on Nov 18, 2021. 600 BNB HC filled in 41 seconds.
Check our “How to Buy” section for an easy step by step guide on how to purchase ZADA! (reference picture on pg. 1)
The total ZADA supply is 1 Trillion (1,000,000,000,000). 53.4% will be going to Presale, 33.6% will be used for Pancakeswap liquidity, 10% will go to the development team and 3% will be for PinkSale and PancakeSwap fees.
Yes, ZADA’s liquidity will initially be locked for 180 days.
Once you purchase ZADA, you will receive reflections in Cardano $ADA. Rewards are slated to be processed every hour. Rewards may take longer to process as they are dependent on trading volume. When the proper conditions are met, your rewards will process automatically. If you would like to manually claim your rewards, please click the button provided. Bear in mind, you will pay the gas to manually claim your rewards.
Anyone who holds a minimum of 1,000,000,000 1 Billion $ZADA for 7 continuous days will have access to the Last Man Standing rewards.
Once the 7 day cycle has ended, the "Last Man Standing" rewards will be disbursed to all qualified ZADA holders!
The cycle periods happen on a week to week basis and every participating ZADA holder can check the website www.zadauniverse.com for a fully displayed countdown.
No. Anyone who sells during the week leading up to the Last Man Standing, even if they’re still above the 1 Billion $ZADA threshold will be disqualified for the airdrop.
No. LMS is a fair split to all qualified holders of $ZADA!
In order to gain access to the "Series 2" Airdrop, ZADA holders must qualify for the "Last Man Standing Wallet" by holding a minimum of 1,000,000,000 ZADA. The "Series 2" airdrop will be disbursed to true Last Man Standing holders who did not sell or transfer any of their coins leading up to the Series 2 Airdrop . So make sure you’re part of Last Man Standing every week to guarantee you get the Series 2 airdrop!

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More than 15 years in start ups and blockchain has seen Mark bring with him a network of crypto media, marketing agencies, private investors, and experts Or the field. Bridging the gap between ideas and fully cohesive projects is where he thrives.



A seasoned director of branding campaigns spanning various industries, his ability to send a strong message with or without words has provided a visual strategy which has not only turned heads but provided a foundation to further push the possibilities of blockchain.



With years of experience scaling innovative projects, he has mobilized teams towards a clear and concise vision. His attention to detail has given projects the boost needed to create recognizable brands that stand out amongst the crowd, while combining cutting-edge marketing strategies.



A prodigy of the content creation and social media space, Chase has forged strong ties to large scale operations through his foresight and ability to scale small ideas into projects with longevity — this has seen him gain a notable position in this space.